Searching For a Heart of Gold?

It isn’t out there, it’s within and Dr. Powers knows how to assist You in getting it back. Remember the wisdom that made You is the wisdom that heals You. Within all of us there is a “Point of Peace”. This is the point or moment, when the two cells that made You experienced a sense of “awe” as the essence of “You”, the life force, love, chi, spirit entered the picture. This “You” is the stabilizing force which gave the two cells life and to this day, this force, as long as You live, animates, motivates, and directs You. Vitality/health/homeostasis requires 100% connection with this “You”, the Gold. What interferes with this?

Read my next post on Subluxation.

2 responses to “Searching For a Heart of Gold?

  1. Vanessa finally agreed to receive an adjustment today after weeks of coming along and seeing how much her baby appreciated his. She told me three times “Thanks for the wonderful day,” by the time we returned home. Your being there really makes all the difference, Dr. Dale! I look forward to our visits every week.

  2. Janis, I honor your commitment to reconnecting with the “YOU” within. More and more are understanding the essence of LIFE and asking for help to reconnect and get it back. When you give your cells/body what it needs , then it can give you what you need. Question is, are you listening to your cells/body? We are in relationship with everything. Give through awareness, consciousness to everything and listen to validate (honor the data) and you will be surprised with the out come…
    The animal world are not just animals, they are alive with consciousness, too.
    I always enjoy seeing you, your family and especially, Mitchell…

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