Why Consider Seeing A Chiropractor?

The answer is simple once you understand that your nervous system controls all functions of your body. Your nerves suffer and may die when you are injured and your nerves are damaged. Injury can be physical or emotional. Without appropriate health care to release interference in your nervous system, your body suffers and deteriorates before symptoms could make you aware of the problem.

Many people seek health care only when they are in pain or experience other discomforting symptoms. They hope to find someone to put a name to their symptoms and then treat that condition by eliminating the pain or discomfort as quickly as possible. This often occurs without concern for the consequences of the treatment or procedure on the rest of the body. Even among those who seek Chiropractic care, most do so to alleviate their short term symptoms than to receive long term care. It is unwise to simply mask symptoms because they are our body’s indicators to us that something is not right. Without them we would not know that we should seek health care.

If short-term pain relief is what you want, over-the-counter pain relievers may suffice. If your pain medication is not reducing your pain, or if you want to try another method to achieve pain reduction by releasing interference in your nervous system, consider Chiropractic care.

How can Chiropractic care help you?

Chiropractors work with your body’s unique living tissue that knows exactly what it needs to do to keep you healthy–most of the time. All your body may need is assistance from the Chiropractor to heal itself. Humans are sensory beings. Your nervous system remembers almost everything that has ever happened to you, whether physical or emotional and whether before or after you learned to talk. This means your neurological, synaptic, cellular, mind-body has learned everything that has happened to you. Yes, mentally you can forget things, however, whether or not you are consciously aware of it, you virtually videotape or hold in your bodily systems each physical or emotional trauma, drug, harsh word, you have ever experienced.

Humans begin life in a state of flexibility. Throughout life, we become more and more inflexible. This means that each time a sensory input insults your system, you flinch, or tighten up and your nervous system remembers this physical response. Over time, each insult learned by your nervous system builds up like layers of wax. Eventually this neural memory facilitation causes shortening of your muscles and this leads to less mobility and this leads to less mobility of your skeleton, Thus, your joints and spine become less flexible and you begin to experience symptoms of pain and limited mobility.

Many people have received chiropractic care for symptoms like these. Some chiropractors limit their therapy to bone manipulation to relieve nerve pressure and mobilize joints that are limited in motion. This type of Chiropractic care aims to put the bones back in the position where they were held before the neural memory facilitation caused shortening of the muscles to the point where pain was experienced. But what about changing the learned neural pathways that caused the bones to be pulled out of position by your muscles?

Over the past 100 years or so other Chiropractic approaches have been developed and used to reduce the facilitated neural patterns underlying the structural problems which produced the painful symptoms. In combination with these gentle traditional Chiropractic adjustments, these approaches assist in restoring joint and nerve function and allow the body to heal itself.                                            

Simply put, if your nervous system is healthy your life is healthy. Chiropractic adjustments can open the door to a healthy nervous system. The benefits include a less-stressed nervous system, an increased energy, a general overall feeling of improved bodily function and ease of movement.  Best of all, Chiropractic health care and proper adjustments improve the body’s ability to heal and correct many conditions. 

Many of my patients report to me that they feel better, sleep better, and have noticed an improvement is general vitality.  Many patients are seeking help to reduce headaches, stomach upsets, allergies and other common ailments.  Many patients are seeking to alleviate aching muscles and pinched nerves.  Patients are trying to recover from trauma, injury and accidents. 

Chiropractic care may complement other healing systems including standard medical treatment.                          

2 responses to “Why Consider Seeing A Chiropractor?

  1. It is refreshing to find you Dr. Powers. You address the root causes and the body as a whole.

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