Inner Security and Infinite Wealth Support Group

How great it is to be in LIFE and experience the joy of reconnecting to our Inner Security. 

Whether you attended the workshop or not,  you are invited to on-going meetings, once per month, to assist us in getting the most out of the book, Inner Security and Infinite Wealth,  by Stu Zimmerman.  The first meeting is Wednesday, October 5, from 7 – 9 PM.  Stu will be here to field questions and take us deeper into the methods we can use to stay on track with our intentions.

Whether or not you can make it to this first meeting, please send us your input and questions so we can provide you the best support. 

Cost:  $15.00 

Please contact me at 530-887-8720 to RSVP or email me.  You can also contact Dale at 530-888-8865.

Betty Kellenberger, MFT, BCT

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