Proactive or Reactive?

Know ahead of time who you will turn to in a crisis. PROACTIVE OR REACTIVE?

Who Is On Your Health Team?:
-Before a health crisis create a list of the professionals you have already been under care with or get busy and interview those in your community to find who you can trust to be on your team.  Be clear in your communication as to letting them know what you want and expect from them if and when you need their care. (Let me know, Dr. Powers, that you have me on your Health Team and what you want me to be available to do for you).

-Create a list of family and friends that also know your wishes, needs and concerns. Be clear with them what you want and give them a list of your professionals that you have on your team.
Have this list available by your phone at home or on your cell phone.

Who is your Health Advocate?
Communicate with your family/friends and even your professionals to create a Health Advocate. This  is a person you trust to hold your health wishes and needs in a supportive manner and shows up for you whether in a crisis or not.

 Understanding “YOU”:
Most important is a foundation of understanding “You”, assessing where you currently are then leads to Awareness and ultimately mindful action (responsibility) to where you want to be.

 Remember, the journey has lead to where you are now and all the experiences you have had to date actually showed up to assist you in determining where you will or what you will want to create on the journey to come.

Up until the Orville brothers understood the Law Of Aerodynamics, people that attempted to fly thought they were until they hit the ground (free falling).

When we understand the Law of Attraction and know it is always working , it is then that we can begin to take responsibility for what has been our experiences and set the stage for what we choose to create next.


2 responses to “Proactive or Reactive?

  1. This is important advice. Being proactive about our health and health care decisions BEFORE we get to crisis mode while addressing our continued well-being.

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