Buyer Beware: Auto Accidents and the Game of Intimidation.

Over the last 30 years I have assisted people involved in Automobile Accidents with injuries, pain and suffering and I have had several experiences like the following:

A Patient I have been assisting with preventative care calls me to inform me they have been in an automobile accident where they were hit and injured by another driver. The insurance company of the party that hit them immediately calls the injured party and begins the process of nullifying the extent of damage. The patient, not feeling the effect of the injury (still under the influence of adrenal hormone surge, not in pain, yet), does not want to cause any problem (rock the boat). They do not want to be confrontational and listens to the friendly adjuster (for the driver whom caused the accident). The adjuster, through the art of listening and caring, becomes the injured patients friend, so to speak. The end result of the new relationship is the patient is offered usually $1000.00 to use in any way they wish and told we will take care of things. The patient, not wanting to bother anyone or understand the future consequences of the impact/injury usually settles by depositing the check and the deal is done.  No future medical/chiropractic care will be awarded because you accepted the deal by depositing the check. Guess what? Unbeknownst to the patient, future medical/chiropractic care will be needed and there will not be any money available to compensate the patient for their losses. So, who looses?

This is the classic wolf dressed in the lamb suit

What to do in the case of being involved in an automobile accident?

It depends on the seriousness of the accident and yet even that doesn’t tell us at the time just what extent of damage has occurred or what will show up later in the function of your body and health. (By the way, if one person in the vehicle is experiencing symptoms and others are not, then to play it safe, all would do well to be examined because not all people respond/react the same at the same time).

A conservative approach is to seek medical/chiropractic care and get an examination to determine the immediate extent of injury as well as the precautions one should take. Not always is the amount of damage to the car directly related to the extent of injury to the occupants of the vehicle. 

Allow yourself to receive an initial series of care before determining, on your own, what you think is the amount of injury. This is because even slow speed impact, though it does not seem your are hurt, can show up at a later date with symptoms that can be seemingly unrelated to the supposed area of trauma. Remember the whole thing is connected and what happens to one part affects the rest (like a family).

After all, you are not wrong for seeking care (Chirpractic) when involved in an accident. That is why we are required to carry automobile insurance (liability).

Thank you for reading this….

It is my pleasure to be of assistance to you or anyone you know that has been involved in an Automobile Accident. Usually, there is no out of pocket expense to receive care. Call me if you should have any questions.

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