Who Said “Move Away From Pain and Move Toward Pleasure?”

The Greek Philosopher, Epicurus.  In order to have a happy family of cells it would be great if we could “move away from FEAR/PAIN and move toward PLEASURE/HEALTH. Remembering Happy Thoughts create Happy Cells and Happy Cells create Happy Chemicals.

So, just how do we go about making the choices that produce just that. Where do I put my attention first. What can I do to take better care of my Body?

Each of us, on a daily basis (moment to moment) , create our experience. Who is making the choices as we go through the day?By the way this is a huge subject and there are so many ways to go down this path of thought.

To shorten the story: 

Find a way to pay attention to yourself and simply notice who you are attempting to please. Others first or your family of cells? When you receive an adjustment, you are putting yourself first by reconnecting with your Family of Cells. Mostly, by reconnecting to the flow of LIFE Force through your nerves.

Notice there is a:

“Me”:  My thoughts (Ego, etc.)

“Myself”:  My Body 

And “I”:  The “YOU”, Innate Intelligence, LIFE energy that motivates, animates and directs your experience of living as long as you are connected with it. When disconnected from this Wisdom your body does not live well….

Moving toward Pleasure means moving toward connecting to the essence, the “I” . Getting adjusted assists in restoring joint function, re-establishing connection to your essence of LIFE by removing interference caused by subluxations. Chiropractors give adjustments to remove subluxations and allow healing to be an inside job.


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