You’re Imagining Things

Ever been told you are imagining things?  Well, why not be imagining things? Most of the well known scientists, authors, leaders and inventors imagined things.  One of the best tools we have been given is a gift called our Imagination. Now, because of the bad rapp we have gotten for imagining things I would like to change the word context.  Instead of imagination, I would like to call it the imaging center of your brain. Kind of like the department in a business  where all the people work that are creating the new awesome products to enhance our lives.

Now, check out the word Imagine. Write it out like this: I M A Gine and pronounce it like this: I am a genie. So, when you use your imagination, you are a genie.

This tool, the imaging center of your brain, can be used to listen to what your body has to say.  Or to check ahead to see what is coming around the corner, or in the future.

I am working on the next post/blog, that will be a foundation for the subject of LIFE:  Understood? As well as Conscious Listening: How to give your cells of your body what they need before they stop giving you what you need.


2 responses to “You’re Imagining Things

  1. Nicely written post.

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