Nature’s Way

It is nature’s way to break structure down to its elements. It is through our consciousness to find ways to maintain structure(s) to diminish nature’s way. Like the three little Pigs, each built a house out of different materials with the need for shelter (from the elements, and a wolf). Each of us by understanding can take knowledge and thereby be responsible to build our house (body) with the proper materials so it can enjoy LIFE in a body.

Luke 12:32: 
“It is our Father’s great pleasure ~ it brings God “Joy” ~ to grant US the living experience of Heaven”.

Most of us began with the miracle of LIFE and a form most amazing, the body. As time goes by, we will succomb to nature’s way. In 1895, someone (Daniel David Palmer) put together an Art, Science and Philosophy to work with nature and our gifts as humans to assist in the maintenance of our bodies by keeping the Miracle of LIFE connected to the body. Likened to a hose bringing water to the garden, the nerves bring Life Force (LIFE) to the cells of the body. Actions of Daily living can result in tensions that over time cause a lessening of the transmission of the Life Force reaching the cells of the body. Chiropractic is one of the gifts given to us, that is understood as an Art, to  remove the cause of interference (subluxation) that diminishes  the ability of Life Force to reach and nourish/motivate and animate our form.

Why is it so hard to understand how simple it really is? 

Why is it that Chiropractic is not a household word and everyone brings their family members in for at least a check up just like the Dental check ups.

Your spine is no different as far as decay as the teeth in your mouth. You can live (somewhat) without teeth and yet can you live without your vertebrae?

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