Living With Your “Genius”

From:  King Warrior Magician Lover

By Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette

Page 26

Interpretation by Dale H. Powers, D.C.

The ancient Romans believed that every human baby is born with what they called his or her “genius”, a guardian spirit assigned at birth. Roman birthday parties were held not so much to honor an individual as to honor that person’s genius, the divine being (LIFE, Spirit, Soul, Essence, Inner Child, Infinite Intelligence, God Prominence, Guide, etc.) that came into the world (from where) with him or her. The Romans knew that it was not the man’s Ego that was the source of his music, his art, his statecraft, or his courageous deeds (or anything that you would consider inspiration or channeled). It was the Divine Child, an aspect of the Self within him/her.” (This divine aspect is what I am calling LIFE, because between conception and Death, you have LIFE. A dead dog does not have LIFE, therefore, since you are living (for your LIFE) it must be LIFE we need, to be alive (a = with and live =  LIFE, so alive = with LIFE). Therefore, any disconnect from LIFE means we are not fully vital and the simple statement Donald Epstein, D.C., founder of Network Spinal Analysis made to me in the mid nineties, “If you want to heal yourself, add more LIFE to your LIFE”. Again, getting back to right under our nose (David Hawkins, MD), simply practice using your mind for good to recognize you have a silent (only because you do not listen) partner who is actually present to guide you, motivate you, direct you and heal you when you quiet the Bobblehead programming and move beyond your belief system(s).)

Anything is parentheses is Dale Powers addition to assist in driving home the concept of being Whole. Definition: to Heal: (Old English, “HAL”) means to make one Whole. What is Whole?  Mind/Body/Spirit (or Soul or LIFE as I call it) all working together. Especially if the Mind aspect is capable of allowing the wisdom of the third part, LIFE, to be included in the functioning HUMAN BEING. Human is the form and Being is the Light behind the form, or LIFE…  Learn to listen to your LIFE…  Oh, by the way, LIFE is multidimensional and that is another subject…

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