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Understanding the Premise of Chiropractic

Knowing that your nervous system actually communicates with all the cells of your body.

Knowing that there is a wisdom that animates, motivates and directs your existence since your conception.

Knowing that this intelligence must communicate through what has been determined to be your nervous system.

Knowing that any disruption in this communication whether small, subluxation, or extreme, severed nerves, causes less connection or no connection of this intelligence to the cells of the living organism and thereby lessened health or death.

With this understanding the benefits of the Chiropractic adjustment can be said to be paramount to any other type of therapy short of initially saving ones life as a result of extreme trauma.

The basic premise of the Chiropractic Adjustment is to remove any interference (subluxation) in/of the transmission of wisdom (life force) to the cells of the body (density). By removing this interference, the natural process of healing and restoration of function can be attained to the best result possible by allowing the impulse of life force to be received by the tissues of the body.

Benefits of Chiropractic:

  •  Restoration of communication between the brain and cells of your body (motor nerves).

  •  Restoration of communication between cells of your body and the brain (sensory nerves).

  •  Restoration of joint mechanics allowing for an increase in ROM.

  •  Restoration of normal muscle tension to allow the joint to function.
    -release of muscle spasms that result from guarding injured joints.
    -release of chemicals trapped by muscles that are guarding joints.
    -abnormal muscle contraction results in osteo-arthritic changes to the joint (arthritis).

  •  Restoration of physiology as a result of a return of normal nerve impulse.
    -(to include; heart rate, digestion, respiration, immune   function, balance, etc.)

    Merilee and Dr.

    I am a diagnostician not of names for disease but for locating where and what is causing your lack of ease or disease…

    The results you experience are a result of a combination of who and what I do and who you are and what you could be… 

       I don’t treat conditions. I locate where patients are disconnected (subluxated)and assist them in reconnecting by listening to the cells (validation)through touch, Network Spinal Analysis, Cranial, visceral work and adjusting as needed. I teach patients to listen/reconnect to their bodies and understand “LIFE”. Call now. 

Thank You For Sharing This Blog

I continue to be able to offer my services to you and the community through the efforts you have put into referring your family and friends. 

I want to personally thank you for assisting me in helping members of our community through your word of mouth referrals, sharing my blog and dragging  people to 101 Orange Street by their ear lobes….

If you know people that you would like to refer here and they are unsure or hesitant, please invite them for a NO CHARGE evaluation to experience just what might be the cause of their on-going ailments.

Working with Miracles

LISTEN:  It isn’t that there are not enough drugs out there. People need to know that any assistance in getting their nerve energy reconnected and flowing properly to their organs, muscles, joints, CELLS is a better bet than masking symptoms. 

Honoring YOU

If you are so inclined to attend Wednesday Nights Spiritual Healing, then I will offer to all that attend a complimentary evaluation for you to hear what your body is telling you before it decides to leave you and ask for a divorce.

Terms:  ME, MYSELF, I

Me is your thoughts, chatter, ego, etc.

Myself is your body/form

I is the essence of LIFE/GOD/MIRACLE/LIFE FORCE/TRUTH, etc…

Simply put, “you” (the ME) are in relationship with your body/form (the MYSELF). When “you”  (the ME) disregards the body/form (the Myself), the body/form sends signals of help me (symptoms) and over time because we all turn an deaf ear to the sore spots, the body atrophies. This means it disconnects from the “I” or the LIFE FORCE,CHI/LOVE, etc. This means your body/form has less vitality. Like wilted lettuce. The Aging you see all around you is natural. And yet, a lot of the aging results from a disconnection from your LIFE FORCE. 

When we keep our cells connected to the LIFE FORCE (the “YOU”) the vitality of the form seems to know how to live in a higher state of JOY. Couple that with keeping the connection with proper joint/muscle function and you have a person with “pep in his step and a smile all the while” (Foster Hibbard, 1981).

Oh Beautiful


Wouldn’t it be correct to say that we all would really like to stay vital and healthy? You know, be able to run and play and think clearly to completion. 

Check it out….What you put into it is what you get out of it…

Time Line and YOU

Ok, so what is he going to tell us this time?  

All endeavors have a beginning, a process or journey and a date of completion. A TIME LINE….

I am inviting you to begin taking care of yourselves on all levels. Spiritual, Physical and Mental.

Tania and Greg Stewart will be here on January 11, 2012, and offer you Spiritual Healing.

Like Mental healing, Spiritual Healing is a little intangible to most. How do you get a Specific Measurable Result from the Healers in a one time deal? Same with Mental Healing. Is there a Specific Measurable Result attained with one session?

In Physical Healing, as one part of the model I offer, the Specific Measurable Result is a return to function and along with that a noticeable reduction in pain, though not necessarily immediately after one adjustment. 

The goal we all wish to attain is living fully functioning as a result of the connection we make with Spiritual, Physical and/or Mental Healing.  

As with any journey,  starting and finishing are two different animals.

It is recommended, as with banking accounts, to keep putting in the time and effort to reach your goal. As with the Healing work of John Of God, people stay at least a week and often return more than once to fully attain the full healing.

It is up to you to decide how or what your plan of action looks like.

Reach beyond

Tania went to see John of God and stayed in his presence for 30 days before she felt the healing take place.  This lead to her staying on and working with John of God during the next year.

When digging for gold and you quit one inch away from the vein is the gamble. I know it is challenging and yet, it all comes down to TRUST. Thank your Gremlin for the doubt, then look for possibility and be open to understand, which leads to knowing…

I look forward to your presence Wednesday night…

Dental Decay

Years ago, while having the old amalgam fillings removed at the Dental office, I noticed a quote in the restroom on the wall. It read, “Go ahead, ignore your teeth. Maybe they will go away.” Pretty straight forward and to the point, eh?

Well, from observing the Xrays of patients over 33 years, coming in with a complaint of some sort of pain, invariably, they all present with the same decay to their structure as decay to teeth. Difference is spinal decay is not from bacteria/plaque but from insidious changes in joint function that can not be flossed, brushed or whitened.

Spinal decay comes about from tensions and changes in normal joint motion attributed to many factors. The simple understanding is how we react to Physical Trauma, Emotional Trauma and Chemical trauma (even foods we eat). The other part of this equation is we actually learn or hold onto our experiences so we can possibly protect ourselves better next time. Most of  the memories, held as synaptic or facilitated neural pathways, are the ones other than LOVE. These held tensions, just in case needed for a quick response to danger, actually diminish the transmission of our normal essence of daily living. Over time, because of diminished transmission, this leads to lessened function of our tissues   (joint, muscle, organ, etc.)

Now, if we could reset to the Point Of Peace between our heads hitting the pillow and when we arise in the AM with the added flavor of stretching, exercise and adding more LOVE to our lives, maybe we would not need to be adjusted. Only when we experience a trauma of some kind and need to have our joints returned to normal biomechanical function.

Last comment: When you get your teeth drilled and filled you are usually seen a few times and job done. When you wait until you are in pain and your spine has what is called Degenerative Joint Disease or Osteoarthritis, it is not a simple matter of one or two adjustments and all is well. 

In order to maintain any structure, someone needs to put in the time and knowledge on just what is needed. Everything has a maintenance schedule. Using a wire coat hanger to hold your muffler on isn’t correcting the problem. 

Help me help you and others in enjoying the quality of LIFE you presently have. Bring in your family and friends for periodic check ups and do the right thing.

Nature’s Way

It is nature’s way to break structure down to its elements. It is through our consciousness to find ways to maintain structure(s) to diminish nature’s way. Like the three little Pigs, each built a house out of different materials with the need for shelter (from the elements, and a wolf). Each of us by understanding can take knowledge and thereby be responsible to build our house (body) with the proper materials so it can enjoy LIFE in a body.

Luke 12:32: 
“It is our Father’s great pleasure ~ it brings God “Joy” ~ to grant US the living experience of Heaven”.

Most of us began with the miracle of LIFE and a form most amazing, the body. As time goes by, we will succomb to nature’s way. In 1895, someone (Daniel David Palmer) put together an Art, Science and Philosophy to work with nature and our gifts as humans to assist in the maintenance of our bodies by keeping the Miracle of LIFE connected to the body. Likened to a hose bringing water to the garden, the nerves bring Life Force (LIFE) to the cells of the body. Actions of Daily living can result in tensions that over time cause a lessening of the transmission of the Life Force reaching the cells of the body. Chiropractic is one of the gifts given to us, that is understood as an Art, to  remove the cause of interference (subluxation) that diminishes  the ability of Life Force to reach and nourish/motivate and animate our form.

Why is it so hard to understand how simple it really is? 

Why is it that Chiropractic is not a household word and everyone brings their family members in for at least a check up just like the Dental check ups.

Your spine is no different as far as decay as the teeth in your mouth. You can live (somewhat) without teeth and yet can you live without your vertebrae?

Dr. Oz Hosted a “Faith Healer”

Last week, Dr. Oz welcomed a Faith Healer on his show (just what is a Faith Healer). If you have a chance to look on line the name of the doctor is Issam Nemeh, MD. ( 

Dr. Nemeh understands just what I talk about and use to assist in reconnecting the body to the Love, Chi, Wisdom, Essence, Intelligence that animates, motivates and directs all of our functions and beyond. Dr. Nemeh also prays while he is holding the body of his patients. Whatever way we can, reconnect to the energy of LIFE (God). Practice enveloping yourself, using your imaging center (your imagination), with this idea of having LIFE in and surrounding your body. 

The next step is Conscious Listening….I will post this soon…

Buyer Beware: Auto Accidents and the Game of Intimidation.

Over the last 30 years I have assisted people involved in Automobile Accidents with injuries, pain and suffering and I have had several experiences like the following:

A Patient I have been assisting with preventative care calls me to inform me they have been in an automobile accident where they were hit and injured by another driver. The insurance company of the party that hit them immediately calls the injured party and begins the process of nullifying the extent of damage. The patient, not feeling the effect of the injury (still under the influence of adrenal hormone surge, not in pain, yet), does not want to cause any problem (rock the boat). They do not want to be confrontational and listens to the friendly adjuster (for the driver whom caused the accident). The adjuster, through the art of listening and caring, becomes the injured patients friend, so to speak. The end result of the new relationship is the patient is offered usually $1000.00 to use in any way they wish and told we will take care of things. The patient, not wanting to bother anyone or understand the future consequences of the impact/injury usually settles by depositing the check and the deal is done.  No future medical/chiropractic care will be awarded because you accepted the deal by depositing the check. Guess what? Unbeknownst to the patient, future medical/chiropractic care will be needed and there will not be any money available to compensate the patient for their losses. So, who looses?

This is the classic wolf dressed in the lamb suit

What to do in the case of being involved in an automobile accident?

It depends on the seriousness of the accident and yet even that doesn’t tell us at the time just what extent of damage has occurred or what will show up later in the function of your body and health. (By the way, if one person in the vehicle is experiencing symptoms and others are not, then to play it safe, all would do well to be examined because not all people respond/react the same at the same time).

A conservative approach is to seek medical/chiropractic care and get an examination to determine the immediate extent of injury as well as the precautions one should take. Not always is the amount of damage to the car directly related to the extent of injury to the occupants of the vehicle. 

Allow yourself to receive an initial series of care before determining, on your own, what you think is the amount of injury. This is because even slow speed impact, though it does not seem your are hurt, can show up at a later date with symptoms that can be seemingly unrelated to the supposed area of trauma. Remember the whole thing is connected and what happens to one part affects the rest (like a family).

After all, you are not wrong for seeking care (Chirpractic) when involved in an accident. That is why we are required to carry automobile insurance (liability).

Thank you for reading this….

It is my pleasure to be of assistance to you or anyone you know that has been involved in an Automobile Accident. Usually, there is no out of pocket expense to receive care. Call me if you should have any questions.

Proactive or Reactive?

Know ahead of time who you will turn to in a crisis. PROACTIVE OR REACTIVE?

Who Is On Your Health Team?:
-Before a health crisis create a list of the professionals you have already been under care with or get busy and interview those in your community to find who you can trust to be on your team.  Be clear in your communication as to letting them know what you want and expect from them if and when you need their care. (Let me know, Dr. Powers, that you have me on your Health Team and what you want me to be available to do for you).

-Create a list of family and friends that also know your wishes, needs and concerns. Be clear with them what you want and give them a list of your professionals that you have on your team.
Have this list available by your phone at home or on your cell phone.

Who is your Health Advocate?
Communicate with your family/friends and even your professionals to create a Health Advocate. This  is a person you trust to hold your health wishes and needs in a supportive manner and shows up for you whether in a crisis or not.

 Understanding “YOU”:
Most important is a foundation of understanding “You”, assessing where you currently are then leads to Awareness and ultimately mindful action (responsibility) to where you want to be.

 Remember, the journey has lead to where you are now and all the experiences you have had to date actually showed up to assist you in determining where you will or what you will want to create on the journey to come.

Up until the Orville brothers understood the Law Of Aerodynamics, people that attempted to fly thought they were until they hit the ground (free falling).

When we understand the Law of Attraction and know it is always working , it is then that we can begin to take responsibility for what has been our experiences and set the stage for what we choose to create next.


Why Consider Seeing A Chiropractor?

The answer is simple once you understand that your nervous system controls all functions of your body. Your nerves suffer and may die when you are injured and your nerves are damaged. Injury can be physical or emotional. Without appropriate health care to release interference in your nervous system, your body suffers and deteriorates before symptoms could make you aware of the problem.

Many people seek health care only when they are in pain or experience other discomforting symptoms. They hope to find someone to put a name to their symptoms and then treat that condition by eliminating the pain or discomfort as quickly as possible. This often occurs without concern for the consequences of the treatment or procedure on the rest of the body. Even among those who seek Chiropractic care, most do so to alleviate their short term symptoms than to receive long term care. It is unwise to simply mask symptoms because they are our body’s indicators to us that something is not right. Without them we would not know that we should seek health care.

If short-term pain relief is what you want, over-the-counter pain relievers may suffice. If your pain medication is not reducing your pain, or if you want to try another method to achieve pain reduction by releasing interference in your nervous system, consider Chiropractic care.

How can Chiropractic care help you?

Chiropractors work with your body’s unique living tissue that knows exactly what it needs to do to keep you healthy–most of the time. All your body may need is assistance from the Chiropractor to heal itself. Humans are sensory beings. Your nervous system remembers almost everything that has ever happened to you, whether physical or emotional and whether before or after you learned to talk. This means your neurological, synaptic, cellular, mind-body has learned everything that has happened to you. Yes, mentally you can forget things, however, whether or not you are consciously aware of it, you virtually videotape or hold in your bodily systems each physical or emotional trauma, drug, harsh word, you have ever experienced.

Humans begin life in a state of flexibility. Throughout life, we become more and more inflexible. This means that each time a sensory input insults your system, you flinch, or tighten up and your nervous system remembers this physical response. Over time, each insult learned by your nervous system builds up like layers of wax. Eventually this neural memory facilitation causes shortening of your muscles and this leads to less mobility and this leads to less mobility of your skeleton, Thus, your joints and spine become less flexible and you begin to experience symptoms of pain and limited mobility.

Many people have received chiropractic care for symptoms like these. Some chiropractors limit their therapy to bone manipulation to relieve nerve pressure and mobilize joints that are limited in motion. This type of Chiropractic care aims to put the bones back in the position where they were held before the neural memory facilitation caused shortening of the muscles to the point where pain was experienced. But what about changing the learned neural pathways that caused the bones to be pulled out of position by your muscles?

Over the past 100 years or so other Chiropractic approaches have been developed and used to reduce the facilitated neural patterns underlying the structural problems which produced the painful symptoms. In combination with these gentle traditional Chiropractic adjustments, these approaches assist in restoring joint and nerve function and allow the body to heal itself.                                            

Simply put, if your nervous system is healthy your life is healthy. Chiropractic adjustments can open the door to a healthy nervous system. The benefits include a less-stressed nervous system, an increased energy, a general overall feeling of improved bodily function and ease of movement.  Best of all, Chiropractic health care and proper adjustments improve the body’s ability to heal and correct many conditions. 

Many of my patients report to me that they feel better, sleep better, and have noticed an improvement is general vitality.  Many patients are seeking help to reduce headaches, stomach upsets, allergies and other common ailments.  Many patients are seeking to alleviate aching muscles and pinched nerves.  Patients are trying to recover from trauma, injury and accidents. 

Chiropractic care may complement other healing systems including standard medical treatment.