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Introduction to Living Your Life as a Miracle

Introduction to  Living your LIFE as a Miracle

June 26, 2013,   7  to  8  PM

June 29, 2013,  10 to 11 AM

Dr. Powers will be offering on-going classes to enhance your understanding of:

Part 1:           LIFE:  Understanding the miracle of YOU                                            Foundational concepts from conception to expiration, inspiring you                           to work with Part 2, Messages from the Body.

Part 2:           Messages from the Body:  Learning what your body is giving you as signs/symptoms allows you to respond and give back to your body                            before it reaches crisis mode. Knowledge is gained for the foundation to work with Part 3, Empowering YOU.

Part 3:           Empowering YOU:  Understanding the Law of LIFE and how to live for your LIFE , connected to the power that animates/motivates and                                  directs you. Using the Tools presented here and adding those you                                  already know, to live consciously connected to LIFE

You will be writing your Personal Owners Manual for LIFE

When these foundational classes are completed, Dr. Powers will be offering on-going workshops with guest speakers presenting their work to assist you in Living for YOUR LIFE…you will walk away from each workshop with information and skills to use immediately that will enhance your experience of living for your LIFE. It is up to you…

Here is a partial list of the guest speakers:

Craig Rowland, Master Tai Chi Instructor, Visionary

Monica Justice, Certified Kirlian Photographer/Aura Reader.

Stan Padilla, Artist, Visionary, Educator…

John and Sabara Watson, Spiritual Lessons and Healing.

Merilee A. Warde, Certified Miracles Coach, Tune in, Tap in and Turn on.

Charrisse Basquin, D.C., Peri-natal Therapist/Educator.

John Wilson, CBLTAC, Educator, Lecturer.

Ruthanne Jahoda, Shared Abundance Organic Farm, Nutrition/Herbs.

It is time we understand and take action to Live for Our LIFE

Call  530-888-8865  or email:

Understanding My Passion For Chiropractic

Enjoy this PowerPoint presentation and share this with your loved ones. This will enhance your understanding of why I am so passionate about helping you and all who wish to live a more healthy life.

A Healthy Breakfast

A wonderful Naturopath, seeking help from me, Dr. Powers, has returned the favor and recommended the following delicious breakfast shake:
1 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk (or you can use the boxed coconut milk too)
1/4-1/2 cup water
1/2 banana (optional)
1/4 avacado (optional)
2 tbsp black chia seeds
2 tbsp green powder (Healthforce Nutritionals Vitamineral Green is my favorite, but any green powder will do.  I also like Green Vibrance.
1 tsp. chlorella (Healthforce)
1-2 tsp. mesquite powder (Earthcircle Organics- whole foods and Briarpatch carry this brand)
1-2 tsp. maca powder (Earthcircle Organics)
1-2 tsp. raw lucuma powder (any brand on the raw food health aisle)
1-2 tsp. carob powder
a little dash of sea salt, or 1/2 tsp. concentrated ionic minerals (Trace Minerals Research Group- Sunrise Nat’l Foods has this)
1 dropperful Butter Toffee Stevia- liquid- any health food store will have it
Blend on high for 30-45 seconds in a good blender.  You want the chia seeds to be completely smooth and broken down.  You can freeze the banana to make it thicker and colder, or add ice cubes.  I tend to not like it with ice during the winter.  Hope you like it!
PS:  I grind the Chia Seeds in a coffee grinder first…