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What If You Knew?

What if you Knew?

What if you knew that every time you had a trauma (painful event) your nervous system learned and recorded the event and the emotions involved…(kinda like etched on your lens system…(See etched lenses theory by DHP)

What if you knew that this learned (facilitated neural synaptic memory) event is held and directed into your tissues (cells – living consciousness)…

What if you knew that for survival and for purposes of moving into the next moment, your conscious awareness of these events is hidden and yet the story is still waiting dormant…

What if you knew that this facilitation actually creates a tension in the neural tissues and this translates into tension in the cells of your body…the tone of your nervous system creates the tone of your (life) cells…Donald Epstein, DC

What if you knew that this constant chronic tension lends to the contraction over time that shows up as what is termed old age…the cause is the interpretor holding onto the information (for survival, can’t let it go because we might need it later or in other words we do not reset to peace) and therefore the tissues expend excess energy to hold the defense pattern and tissues that are held in tension harden and atrophy…(old age)

What if you knew that there are ways to release this stuck facilitated patterns of survival (that are draining you), methods to reconnect your cells to the energy of LIFE  and methods you can do consciously to aid in the return of viatilty to your body and mind, etc…


Don’t think so…alrighty then, continue as you are…


Call Dr. Powers and ask for a brief meeting to discuss just how it all can be done…

OR, come to the Introduction to Living Your Life as a Miracle…(see previous post)

Feeling well and connected to LIFE...

Feeling well and connected to LIFE…

Introduction to Living Your Life as a Miracle

Introduction to  Living your LIFE as a Miracle

June 26, 2013,   7  to  8  PM

June 29, 2013,  10 to 11 AM

Dr. Powers will be offering on-going classes to enhance your understanding of:

Part 1:           LIFE:  Understanding the miracle of YOU                                            Foundational concepts from conception to expiration, inspiring you                           to work with Part 2, Messages from the Body.

Part 2:           Messages from the Body:  Learning what your body is giving you as signs/symptoms allows you to respond and give back to your body                            before it reaches crisis mode. Knowledge is gained for the foundation to work with Part 3, Empowering YOU.

Part 3:           Empowering YOU:  Understanding the Law of LIFE and how to live for your LIFE , connected to the power that animates/motivates and                                  directs you. Using the Tools presented here and adding those you                                  already know, to live consciously connected to LIFE

You will be writing your Personal Owners Manual for LIFE

When these foundational classes are completed, Dr. Powers will be offering on-going workshops with guest speakers presenting their work to assist you in Living for YOUR LIFE…you will walk away from each workshop with information and skills to use immediately that will enhance your experience of living for your LIFE. It is up to you…

Here is a partial list of the guest speakers:

Craig Rowland, Master Tai Chi Instructor, Visionary

Monica Justice, Certified Kirlian Photographer/Aura Reader.

Stan Padilla, Artist, Visionary, Educator…

John and Sabara Watson, Spiritual Lessons and Healing.

Merilee A. Warde, Certified Miracles Coach, Tune in, Tap in and Turn on.

Charrisse Basquin, D.C., Peri-natal Therapist/Educator.

John Wilson, CBLTAC, Educator, Lecturer.

Ruthanne Jahoda, Shared Abundance Organic Farm, Nutrition/Herbs.

It is time we understand and take action to Live for Our LIFE

Call  530-888-8865  or email:

Music To My Ears

Well, it is about time…Last week I went to an Ice Cream Social at the Northside School in Cool, California, to assist my Awesome Wife, Merilee, with her booth. She was there to invite parents to enroll their children in her after school learning center and I was her assistant. As I looked around, I noticed there were parents signing up for and renting instruments for their children to participate in the school band….I went over and introduced myself to Diana Haynie, the Band Instructor, and mentioned I played Alto Saxophone at Pleasant Hill High School. I was First Alto in both the Marching Band and the Symphonic Band…She invited me to come by sometime and participate in assisting the students get a handle on learning how to play the Sax…

My long lost friend found…

So, I am back in band again. I met with the students and assisted them in how to create their embrasure, hand positions, strap tension around their necks and proper reed placement on the mouth piece. We learned to play three notes, B, A and G.  Diana felt a great sense of relief to have an assistant to allow her to be available for the other music students and I felt a huge emotional reconnection to a part of me I set down over 44 years ago… I am so happy to have reconnected to a part of me that I put aside and now I am ready to take it away….and dance in the moonlight….

Lastly, I am so grateful to my parents for supporting me by purchasing this Saxophone and honoring my journey…

Time Line and YOU

Ok, so what is he going to tell us this time?  

All endeavors have a beginning, a process or journey and a date of completion. A TIME LINE….

I am inviting you to begin taking care of yourselves on all levels. Spiritual, Physical and Mental.

Tania and Greg Stewart will be here on January 11, 2012, and offer you Spiritual Healing.

Like Mental healing, Spiritual Healing is a little intangible to most. How do you get a Specific Measurable Result from the Healers in a one time deal? Same with Mental Healing. Is there a Specific Measurable Result attained with one session?

In Physical Healing, as one part of the model I offer, the Specific Measurable Result is a return to function and along with that a noticeable reduction in pain, though not necessarily immediately after one adjustment. 

The goal we all wish to attain is living fully functioning as a result of the connection we make with Spiritual, Physical and/or Mental Healing.  

As with any journey,  starting and finishing are two different animals.

It is recommended, as with banking accounts, to keep putting in the time and effort to reach your goal. As with the Healing work of John Of God, people stay at least a week and often return more than once to fully attain the full healing.

It is up to you to decide how or what your plan of action looks like.

Reach beyond

Tania went to see John of God and stayed in his presence for 30 days before she felt the healing take place.  This lead to her staying on and working with John of God during the next year.

When digging for gold and you quit one inch away from the vein is the gamble. I know it is challenging and yet, it all comes down to TRUST. Thank your Gremlin for the doubt, then look for possibility and be open to understand, which leads to knowing…

I look forward to your presence Wednesday night…

A Successful Day of Self Nuturing and Self Reconnecting

Success!!! We had a successful day of Nuturing ourselves and Reconnecting to the Wisdom of LIFE. We are very grateful to Craig Rowland to bring his mastery of Tai Chi and the wisdom he shared for us to use daily. To Tania Stewart for the Chakra Cleansing Exercises and the Forgiveness Meditation. Her wisdom and teaching also gave us a new understanding of our connection to our bodies. To Merilee Warde for her delicious Roasted Vegetable Soup (Organic provided by The Natural Trading Company, owner Bryan Kaminsky), Quinoa Salad, Protein Shakes and Pumpkin Bread. Craig Rowland also provided a Green and Red Cabbage Salad with Umiboshi and Balsamic Vinegar/Olive Oil dressing.

Craig Rowland Tai Chi Warmups

Combined with three adjustments throughout the day left us all with a Gratitude Circle rich with joy and blessings. 

We all took the time to Hear the Sun and See the Wind with a guided meditation by Dr. Powers, to the infinity of the Multiverse and back to the Inner Wisdom of our Bodies. This found us understanding the Gift is in the Present.

We are looking forward to the next Day of Nuturing and Reconnecting in the New Year. Our intention is to provide quarterly A Day of Positive Actions that enhance the state of Well-Being for the community.  The date will be announced soon.  Thank you. For we are Blessed, Indeed…. 

A Day Of Nuturing and Reconnecting With “YOU”

You are invited to a day of caring for yourself. Reconnect with the Inner YOU that motivates, animates and directs you. Donald Epstein (Founder of Network Spinal Analysis) once said to me, “There are three truths;   Breath,  Movement and Touch.”  We will be experiencing that and more.

You will receive three Adjustments from Dr. Powers with Tai Chi (offered by Craig Rowland), Energy Movement (offered by Toby Tenderich),  Meditation (offered by Tania Stewart) and Nourishing Foods (Offered by Merilee Warde)  between each Adjustment.

Listen. This combination of  Practitioners of Life will give anyone the jump start for JOY. Any time you can get and give to your body  attention, as well as treat it as important, there will be a shift in not only you, there will be a shift in all that you come in contact with. Your circle of influence.

When:    October 22, 2011

 Starts:  10 AM     Ends:  When we feel  done (2 to 3 PM) 

Where:  Heart of Gold Chiropractic, 101 Orange Street, Auburn, CA 95603

Cost:   $150 

RSVP:  Limited number of participants. Call 530-888-8865 or

Evening With Craig Rowland

Understanding Your Beliefs Create Your Reality.

Thank you Craig for expanding our comfort zone. Craig took us on a journey beyond our usual chattering minds to question just who is creating our beliefs and therefore our reality. I really appreciate the perspectives of the attendees and though each of us has our own view on just about everything, we were able to walk away with some tools to use in our quest for reconnecting to our “power of presence” (DHP).

I look forward to the results of using some of these simple tools. I will ask Craig to help me put them into proper context and share these tools with you all.

Sophia says "Hi"

Brazilian Spiritual Healing

We have been honored and blessed to have Tania and Greg Stewart bring the experience of Brazilian Spiritual Healing to  the Foothills Community. Tania and Greg bring to us many years of Mediumship and Healing. Their experiences, while working with John of God, are brought to us here in Auburn. Tania is also trained in Pranic Healing, Meditation and Yoga. You are invited to attend their bi-monthly Spiritual Healing here at the Heart of Gold Chiropractic. The next meeting will be September 28, 2011, 7 – 9 PM. Please RSVP so we can plan on proper accommodations at 530-888-8865.  Also, bring bottled water for yourself as this will be infused with the current.