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Observations in Nature

Ahh, the butterfly: Ya know, some forms of intelligence have the process of

achieving enlightenment down… Eat, grow, shed that story. Then meditate in

silence. Then completely transform into joy and beauty as you fly around

eating sweet nectar and then procreate before letting go again…

Dale H. Powers, D.C. 2017

Why Chiropractic or Why Get Adjusted?

Here is what an adjustment is all about. Resets proper nerve flow to your tissues (Motor Nerves) and back (Sensory Nerves) and re-establishes proper joint mechanics. This means you function better in movement, skills, thoughts, digestion, sex, love, sleep, etc. If a tire is out of balance, eventually the whole car shakes like crazy and the tires wear out sooner (as well as the wear and tear to the vehicle from abnormal vibrations).

Two types of adjustment:

  • Non-force adjustments: utilized to reduce tension in tissues that have become reactive as a result of the nervous system repetitively firing as if whatever insult you have experienced is still happening.
  • Structural (gentle force) adjustments: utilized to re-establish the normal elastic properties of the ligament structures surrounding the joints such that the normal range of motion is returned and thereby the compression of the joint surfaces, causing wear and tear, is reduced.  Joint Health (reduction of arthritis) is maintained and a return of muscle balance, supporting the joint, is established.

In the normal state, nerve conduction to the respective tissue (whether muscle or organ, etc.) is received from the brain and nerve conduction from the sensory receptors is relayed back to the central nervous system stating that it is okay to function. Nerves fire, muscles contract, body moves with intention and ease. (In this state, less energy is used to accomplish greater function).
In an abnormal state, the nerve attempts to fire and due to interference (whether directly to the nerve or indirectly from the sensory receptors indicating if you make me use this tissue (muscle, organ) it will cause harm) the conduction is inhibited and a state of lack of peace develops or dis-ease due to a lessoned signal and therefore a weakened state. This state requires more energy to function and greater function is not accomplished.

In other words it takes more energy to maintain a vehicle that is not working properly. One joint not working properly in a human structure creates a huge energy loss just to ambulate (walk).

Each time Dr. Powers examines you (every visit) 95% of your joints are checked for any aberration of motion (that means are your joints moving properly) and if there is any abnormality of motion detected Dr. Powers then searches to find related viscera or neurological interference patterns that are causative for the joint to not move properly. For instance, Dr. Powers finds your left knee is not moving properly (Subluxated) and appears to need an adjustment. Prior to adjusting the knee, Dr. Powers checks for related organs, the gall bladder, small intestine or possible sacro-iliac joint involvement or ankle involvement or neurological involvement that can be altering how the knee is moving. Your knee very well could need an adjustment to restore proper joint mechanics (motion), however, clearing all the related causative factors prior to addressing the pain in the knee assists in allowing your body’s own innate (in born) wisdom to right the distortion or correct the abnormal motion created by interference patterns that have been set up way before the knee became a problem that was noticed. Even with a direct injury to the knee and Medical intervention is needed, Dr. Powers uses his extraordinary training to understand not only the injury to the knee, but the resultant physiological and neurological reaction the rest of the body goes through and holds. In assisting a return to normal/proper function, Dr. Powers understands and works with the package (body) as a whole.

Is one adjustment all I need? Very few people once they have abnormal joint mechanics can have their joints return to normal function with one adjustment. People that have joints that are functioning without aberration or altered function would do well to maintain that function with non-force adjustments to release tension held in tissues before they experience joint pains. Children without symptoms are very easy to keep healthy because they have not locked their nervous systems into a pattern of repeated tension and therefore rarely need structural gentle force adjustments.

The challenge we all face is we don’t know we are contracting and shortening and losing function until we have a symptom indicating we have now lost function. By now our nervous system is modeled or has gotten used to this tension holding the joints/muscles in a contracted state. We call this facilitated tension in the nervous system or now it is a learned pattern. Getting checked and adjusted to establish a return to proper function  is the treatment of choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                          By the way, the more you understand how your body works and take ownership and listen to what it wants, the better it will perform for you and give you back what you need from it when requested.  Go ahead, ignore your body, maybe it will go away.

Inner Security and Infinite Wealth Support Group

How great it is to be in LIFE and experience the joy of reconnecting to our Inner Security. 

Whether you attended the workshop or not,  you are invited to on-going meetings, once per month, to assist us in getting the most out of the book, Inner Security and Infinite Wealth,  by Stu Zimmerman.  The first meeting is Wednesday, October 5, from 7 – 9 PM.  Stu will be here to field questions and take us deeper into the methods we can use to stay on track with our intentions.

Whether or not you can make it to this first meeting, please send us your input and questions so we can provide you the best support. 

Cost:  $15.00 

Please contact me at 530-887-8720 to RSVP or email me.  You can also contact Dale at 530-888-8865.

Betty Kellenberger, MFT, BCT