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What If You Knew?

What if you Knew?

What if you knew that every time you had a trauma (painful event) your nervous system learned and recorded the event and the emotions involved…(kinda like etched on your lens system…(See etched lenses theory by DHP)

What if you knew that this learned (facilitated neural synaptic memory) event is held and directed into your tissues (cells – living consciousness)…

What if you knew that for survival and for purposes of moving into the next moment, your conscious awareness of these events is hidden and yet the story is still waiting dormant…

What if you knew that this facilitation actually creates a tension in the neural tissues and this translates into tension in the cells of your body…the tone of your nervous system creates the tone of your (life) cells…Donald Epstein, DC

What if you knew that this constant chronic tension lends to the contraction over time that shows up as what is termed old age…the cause is the interpretor holding onto the information (for survival, can’t let it go because we might need it later or in other words we do not reset to peace) and therefore the tissues expend excess energy to hold the defense pattern and tissues that are held in tension harden and atrophy…(old age)

What if you knew that there are ways to release this stuck facilitated patterns of survival (that are draining you), methods to reconnect your cells to the energy of LIFE  and methods you can do consciously to aid in the return of viatilty to your body and mind, etc…


Don’t think so…alrighty then, continue as you are…


Call Dr. Powers and ask for a brief meeting to discuss just how it all can be done…

OR, come to the Introduction to Living Your Life as a Miracle…(see previous post)

Feeling well and connected to LIFE...

Feeling well and connected to LIFE…

Introduction to Living Your Life as a Miracle

Introduction to  Living your LIFE as a Miracle

June 26, 2013,   7  to  8  PM

June 29, 2013,  10 to 11 AM

Dr. Powers will be offering on-going classes to enhance your understanding of:

Part 1:           LIFE:  Understanding the miracle of YOU                                            Foundational concepts from conception to expiration, inspiring you                           to work with Part 2, Messages from the Body.

Part 2:           Messages from the Body:  Learning what your body is giving you as signs/symptoms allows you to respond and give back to your body                            before it reaches crisis mode. Knowledge is gained for the foundation to work with Part 3, Empowering YOU.

Part 3:           Empowering YOU:  Understanding the Law of LIFE and how to live for your LIFE , connected to the power that animates/motivates and                                  directs you. Using the Tools presented here and adding those you                                  already know, to live consciously connected to LIFE

You will be writing your Personal Owners Manual for LIFE

When these foundational classes are completed, Dr. Powers will be offering on-going workshops with guest speakers presenting their work to assist you in Living for YOUR LIFE…you will walk away from each workshop with information and skills to use immediately that will enhance your experience of living for your LIFE. It is up to you…

Here is a partial list of the guest speakers:

Craig Rowland, Master Tai Chi Instructor, Visionary

Monica Justice, Certified Kirlian Photographer/Aura Reader.

Stan Padilla, Artist, Visionary, Educator…

John and Sabara Watson, Spiritual Lessons and Healing.

Merilee A. Warde, Certified Miracles Coach, Tune in, Tap in and Turn on.

Charrisse Basquin, D.C., Peri-natal Therapist/Educator.

John Wilson, CBLTAC, Educator, Lecturer.

Ruthanne Jahoda, Shared Abundance Organic Farm, Nutrition/Herbs.

It is time we understand and take action to Live for Our LIFE

Call  530-888-8865  or email:

Understanding My Passion For Chiropractic

Enjoy this PowerPoint presentation and share this with your loved ones. This will enhance your understanding of why I am so passionate about helping you and all who wish to live a more healthy life.

Visceromotor and Viscerosomatic Referred Pain Syndromes

Often people present with symptoms that are related to another part of the body referring pain as a result of one or more organs (viscera) in distress, attempting to tell us we have over loaded them.  Viscera each have a specific function to perform in order to keep the entire system alive. Each organ has certain criteria in order to continue functioning in harmony with the rest of our systems (oxygen, nutrition, elimination). Viscera can be over stressed by:  Foods, Nutritional starving, Chemicals (drugs), emotions, changes in the neural flow (transmission of neural impulse) or subluxation , Physiological needs not met, other organs not being able to perform their tasks which then over taxes related organs. When we over load an organ we can create a Viscermotor reflex or a Viscerosomatic Reflex.

Viscermotor Reflex: A Viscera (organ) is irritated/overloaded and a sensory signal is transmitted from the organ back to the central Nervous System (the spine). This sensory signal if important or intense enough will synapse and go to the brain to tell us we hurt (ie., stomachache) . In this case, we feel pain at the site of the affected organ. If the signal of alarm from the organ is not at a high enough threshold, it will synapse as it enters the spinal cord and travel through the internuncial nerves to the anterior cord and synapse with a motor nerve that continues the transmission of neural impulse  to a spinal muscle. We feel a muscle knot/tension near the cord level develop and this causes a subluxation of the related vertebrae. These are the knots along the vertebrae and over time contribute to what is called Fibromyalgia. Lots of people get their backs adjusted as a result of this complex.

Viscerosomatic Reflex:  This is caused by the same influences listed above as well as self imposed stressors. In this type of reflex, an organ is stressed and it sends its sensory signal to the cord and it synapses with a sensory nerve (rather than a motor nerve) which creates pain in a body part that appears unrelated to the viscera. For example:  the heart causes pain in the left arm, neck and even into the face.

Applied Kinesiology:  Each organ has a relationship to one or more muscles.  This means when an organ is in a stressed state (causes above) it affects the related muscle. Often times the muscle is weakened and because its neural connection is decreased the joints it stabilizes are at affect and this can contribute to joint symptoms, loss of function and or injury.


Foods in excess (ie., chocolate/cheese melted/fried food  can over stimulate  the Gall Bladder) causing referred pain to the right shoulder, mid-upper back, neck, headaches, tooth pain, lower back , knee and foot pain.

However, Emotions buried alive (See the Book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die) over time can stimulate and pre-set the neural transmission to a specific organ such that a food that would not normally aggravate the organ now sets off the referred pain signal.  Trigger for Gall Bladder would be Anger or resentment.

Subluxations change the neural transmission (on to much or shut down) such that the function of the organ is set up to react more readily or not perform and stress cohort organs  as mentioned in regard to food or emotions.

Isn’t it amazing with all the possible irritants to living, that we do continue to live and move…We could learn to take better care of ourselves and reconnect to the power of LIFE that motivates, animates and directs our cells. The choice is ours and I am available to assist you in Reconnecting to that Power of LIFE….