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Conscious Listening with Julian Treasure

You know, I teach a class on Conscious Listening and Conscious Touch….So I thought I would check and see what Google came up with re Conscious Listening….Check it out….

If you have ever heard me say “Hear the Sun, See the Wind”… this is along the same lines of thought…..Enjoy…..


Understanding My Passion For Chiropractic

Enjoy this PowerPoint presentation and share this with your loved ones. This will enhance your understanding of why I am so passionate about helping you and all who wish to live a more healthy life.

Network Spinal Analysis

Dr. Powers studied Network Spinal Analysis, as taught by Dr. Donald Epstein, in 1990 and continues to use the protocol presently. You will find this presentation very interesting. Thank you for watching this and if you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (530) 888-8865 or email.

Awesome Mastery of Craniopathy With Dr. DeJarnette, DO, DC

Thank you for watching this video presentation from 1980 when I was studying Osteopathy and Chiropractic with one of my most amazing Teachers, Dr. Major B. DeJarnette, DO, DC. I hope you enjoy this information and find the same respect I found for the Mastery Dr. DeJarnette presents.

Music To My Ears

Well, it is about time…Last week I went to an Ice Cream Social at the Northside School in Cool, California, to assist my Awesome Wife, Merilee, with her booth. She was there to invite parents to enroll their children in her after school learning center and I was her assistant. As I looked around, I noticed there were parents signing up for and renting instruments for their children to participate in the school band….I went over and introduced myself to Diana Haynie, the Band Instructor, and mentioned I played Alto Saxophone at Pleasant Hill High School. I was First Alto in both the Marching Band and the Symphonic Band…She invited me to come by sometime and participate in assisting the students get a handle on learning how to play the Sax…

My long lost friend found…

So, I am back in band again. I met with the students and assisted them in how to create their embrasure, hand positions, strap tension around their necks and proper reed placement on the mouth piece. We learned to play three notes, B, A and G.  Diana felt a great sense of relief to have an assistant to allow her to be available for the other music students and I felt a huge emotional reconnection to a part of me I set down over 44 years ago… I am so happy to have reconnected to a part of me that I put aside and now I am ready to take it away….and dance in the moonlight….

Lastly, I am so grateful to my parents for supporting me by purchasing this Saxophone and honoring my journey…

Why Wait For the Symptom (RED LIGHT ON THE DASH)

You are always welcome to check under the hood and see just what the real story is before the next symptom, because it is all symptoms big or small that are telling the story that will eventually become the reason to do something about it…love you…Call NOW and Invest in your HEALTH or should I say your JOY of living before you really need to do something about it…

The Lymphatic Pump

Understanding the lymphatic pump.

Valves exist in all lymph channels, even down to the tips of the lymphatic capillaries. These valves are further apart in larger lymphatics and closer together in the smaller ones. As the lymph vessel fills with fluid (from the surrounding tissues, waste) the pressure on the walls causes an intrinsic contraction of the lymphatic channel creating the pumping of lymph in one direction only down the lymph channel.

In addition to the pumping caused by intrinsic contraction of the lymph vessel walls, any external factor that compresses the lymph vessel can also cause pumping. In order of  their importance these factors are:

Contraction of muscles
Passive movement s of the parts of the body
Arterial pulsations
Compression of the tissues by objects outside the body (like massage)

The lymphatic pump becomes very active during exercise. It can increase lymph flow as much as 5 to 15 times. Also, during periods of rest, lymph flow is very sluggish….(sitting long periods of time).

Therefore, movement is so important to enhance the flow of lymph…and yet if one is very toxic or ill, you can see that the lymph should not be activated too much or it will dump the toxins back into the circulatory system and this is what causes a relapse….(Just when you were getting over the cold, you thought it would be great to get some exercise and go out for a run). 

Chiropractic Care at this office enhances immune system health.  Dr. Powers administers lymphatic drainage techniques to assist you in reconnecting to your vitality…Call NOW…

Understanding the Premise of Chiropractic

Knowing that your nervous system actually communicates with all the cells of your body.

Knowing that there is a wisdom that animates, motivates and directs your existence since your conception.

Knowing that this intelligence must communicate through what has been determined to be your nervous system.

Knowing that any disruption in this communication whether small, subluxation, or extreme, severed nerves, causes less connection or no connection of this intelligence to the cells of the living organism and thereby lessened health or death.

With this understanding the benefits of the Chiropractic adjustment can be said to be paramount to any other type of therapy short of initially saving ones life as a result of extreme trauma.

The basic premise of the Chiropractic Adjustment is to remove any interference (subluxation) in/of the transmission of wisdom (life force) to the cells of the body (density). By removing this interference, the natural process of healing and restoration of function can be attained to the best result possible by allowing the impulse of life force to be received by the tissues of the body.

Benefits of Chiropractic:

  •  Restoration of communication between the brain and cells of your body (motor nerves).

  •  Restoration of communication between cells of your body and the brain (sensory nerves).

  •  Restoration of joint mechanics allowing for an increase in ROM.

  •  Restoration of normal muscle tension to allow the joint to function.
    -release of muscle spasms that result from guarding injured joints.
    -release of chemicals trapped by muscles that are guarding joints.
    -abnormal muscle contraction results in osteo-arthritic changes to the joint (arthritis).

  •  Restoration of physiology as a result of a return of normal nerve impulse.
    -(to include; heart rate, digestion, respiration, immune   function, balance, etc.)

    Merilee and Dr.

    I am a diagnostician not of names for disease but for locating where and what is causing your lack of ease or disease…

    The results you experience are a result of a combination of who and what I do and who you are and what you could be… 

       I don’t treat conditions. I locate where patients are disconnected (subluxated)and assist them in reconnecting by listening to the cells (validation)through touch, Network Spinal Analysis, Cranial, visceral work and adjusting as needed. I teach patients to listen/reconnect to their bodies and understand “LIFE”. Call now. 

A Healthy Breakfast

A wonderful Naturopath, seeking help from me, Dr. Powers, has returned the favor and recommended the following delicious breakfast shake:
1 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk (or you can use the boxed coconut milk too)
1/4-1/2 cup water
1/2 banana (optional)
1/4 avacado (optional)
2 tbsp black chia seeds
2 tbsp green powder (Healthforce Nutritionals Vitamineral Green is my favorite, but any green powder will do.  I also like Green Vibrance.
1 tsp. chlorella (Healthforce)
1-2 tsp. mesquite powder (Earthcircle Organics- whole foods and Briarpatch carry this brand)
1-2 tsp. maca powder (Earthcircle Organics)
1-2 tsp. raw lucuma powder (any brand on the raw food health aisle)
1-2 tsp. carob powder
a little dash of sea salt, or 1/2 tsp. concentrated ionic minerals (Trace Minerals Research Group- Sunrise Nat’l Foods has this)
1 dropperful Butter Toffee Stevia- liquid- any health food store will have it
Blend on high for 30-45 seconds in a good blender.  You want the chia seeds to be completely smooth and broken down.  You can freeze the banana to make it thicker and colder, or add ice cubes.  I tend to not like it with ice during the winter.  Hope you like it!
PS:  I grind the Chia Seeds in a coffee grinder first…

Thank You For Sharing This Blog

I continue to be able to offer my services to you and the community through the efforts you have put into referring your family and friends. 

I want to personally thank you for assisting me in helping members of our community through your word of mouth referrals, sharing my blog and dragging  people to 101 Orange Street by their ear lobes….

If you know people that you would like to refer here and they are unsure or hesitant, please invite them for a NO CHARGE evaluation to experience just what might be the cause of their on-going ailments.

Working with Miracles

LISTEN:  It isn’t that there are not enough drugs out there. People need to know that any assistance in getting their nerve energy reconnected and flowing properly to their organs, muscles, joints, CELLS is a better bet than masking symptoms.