Professional Training

Just What Does Dr. Powers Know and Do?

 Dr. Powers has studied since 1976 with the Masters of the Profession.

            -Dr. John Thie, D.C.,  Founder of Touch for Health.

            -Dr. George Goodheart, D.C., Founder of Applied Kinesiology.

            -Dr. M. B. DeJarnette, D.C., D.O., Founder of Sacro-occipital Technique.

            -Dr. Ralph Failor, D.C., D.N., Soft tissue orthopedics.

            -Dr. Kim Christiansen, D.C., Dr. Powers was certified as a Sports Team
               Physician, 1985.            

            -Dr. Leonard Faye, D.C., Motion Palpation.

            -Dr. Ray Zindler, D.C. Extremity Adjusting.

            -Dr. Donald Epstein, D.C. Founder of Network Spinal Analysis.

Working with Miracles

Working with Miracles

Dr. Powers has an extraordinary sense of knowing/listening to your body and locating the blocks of energy/nerve flow (Subluxation) and reconnecting this life force to your cells by/through:

Touch: brings attention to the area of less embodiment

            -this brings the life-force to the tissue that has been shut down.

            -this also brings about a relaxation to the tissues in contraction.

Reflex Points: connecting areas that are related, breaks the reflex arc, which calms the related muscles and resets normal function of organs and nerve conductivity.

Soft Tissue Orthopedics: uses what was termed “Bloodless Surgery” in the early 1920’s to late 1930’s.
       -this work assists in restoring the body’s natural function of the organs  by
hands-on work (eg., Hiatial hernia, dropped kidney, prolapsed uterus,
congested liver, open/closed ileocecal valve, etc.)

Structural Adjustments:  traditional chiropractic adjustments to restore proper joint mobility/function and reset the joint mechanical receptors such that the guarding of the joint (muscle spasms) are released. This is what restores proper nerve conductivity by reducing Subluxation and can give an immediate reduction of discomfort and pain.

Cranial Adjustments: Usually due to trauma or stress, muscles tighten and cause immobility of the sutures of the cranium as well as torquing of the meninges. This results in abnormal or restricted motion of the cranial sutural mechanism and can result in many interference patterns as a result of neurological hypoxia (brain without proper oxygen to perform). Cotton balls for brains, can’t think clearly and other bodily complaints not responding to treatment to the area of the complaint.

Extremity Adjustments:  Due to injury or overuse as in sports, typing, repetitive movement jobs, abnormal pains (Viscerosomatic referred pain syndromes) and limited range of motion;  our extremities need adjustments, too.  

Dr. Powers utilizes extraordinary palpation skills to locate what organs, muscles and joints are in distress.  Dr. Powers’ training and abilities offer an array of treatment models to address and correct many interference patterns, utilizing force and non-force type adjustments (See “Why Consider Seeing a Chiropractor?”

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