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Why Do I Do What I Do?

Why do I do what I do?  I believe our existence is a miracle that we have not fully discovered how to use it’s potential. I have been given a gift of being able to listen (history), examine and know how to locate where you have interference in your nervous system and the knowledge of how to remove that interference. Your pain is often the result of injury (Chemical, Emotional, Physical Trauma) to your tissues that creates a disconnection of your LIFE energy with your form. When the nerve supply is compromised to your injured tissues, removing the interference often leads to a return to normal function, if not set in stone.

I do all of the above with you in mind…your are the miracle I have been waiting to meet…Thank you for your existence…

Oh Beautiful, to have vision....

Oh Beautiful, to have vision….

Different types of adjustments affect different kinds of interference…


Searching For a Heart of Gold?

It isn’t out there, it’s within and Dr. Powers knows how to assist You in getting it back. Remember the wisdom that made You is the wisdom that heals You. Within all of us there is a “Point of Peace”. This is the point or moment, when the two cells that made You experienced a sense of “awe” as the essence of “You”, the life force, love, chi, spirit entered the picture. This “You” is the stabilizing force which gave the two cells life and to this day, this force, as long as You live, animates, motivates, and directs You. Vitality/health/homeostasis requires 100% connection with this “You”, the Gold. What interferes with this?

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