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Living With Your “Genius”

From:  King Warrior Magician Lover By Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette Page 26 Interpretation by Dale H. Powers, D.C. “The ancient Romans believed that every human baby is born with what they called his or her “genius”, a guardian spirit … Continue reading

Network Spinal Analysis

Dr. Powers studied Network Spinal Analysis, as taught by Dr. Donald Epstein, in 1990 and continues to use the protocol presently. You will find this presentation very interesting. Thank you for watching this and if you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (530) 888-8865 or email.

Understanding the Premise of Chiropractic

Knowing that your nervous system actually communicates with all the cells of your body.

Knowing that there is a wisdom that animates, motivates and directs your existence since your conception.

Knowing that this intelligence must communicate through what has been determined to be your nervous system.

Knowing that any disruption in this communication whether small, subluxation, or extreme, severed nerves, causes less connection or no connection of this intelligence to the cells of the living organism and thereby lessened health or death.

With this understanding the benefits of the Chiropractic adjustment can be said to be paramount to any other type of therapy short of initially saving ones life as a result of extreme trauma.

The basic premise of the Chiropractic Adjustment is to remove any interference (subluxation) in/of the transmission of wisdom (life force) to the cells of the body (density). By removing this interference, the natural process of healing and restoration of function can be attained to the best result possible by allowing the impulse of life force to be received by the tissues of the body.

Benefits of Chiropractic:

  •  Restoration of communication between the brain and cells of your body (motor nerves).

  •  Restoration of communication between cells of your body and the brain (sensory nerves).

  •  Restoration of joint mechanics allowing for an increase in ROM.

  •  Restoration of normal muscle tension to allow the joint to function.
    -release of muscle spasms that result from guarding injured joints.
    -release of chemicals trapped by muscles that are guarding joints.
    -abnormal muscle contraction results in osteo-arthritic changes to the joint (arthritis).

  •  Restoration of physiology as a result of a return of normal nerve impulse.
    -(to include; heart rate, digestion, respiration, immune   function, balance, etc.)

    Merilee and Dr.

    I am a diagnostician not of names for disease but for locating where and what is causing your lack of ease or disease…

    The results you experience are a result of a combination of who and what I do and who you are and what you could be… 

       I don’t treat conditions. I locate where patients are disconnected (subluxated)and assist them in reconnecting by listening to the cells (validation)through touch, Network Spinal Analysis, Cranial, visceral work and adjusting as needed. I teach patients to listen/reconnect to their bodies and understand “LIFE”. Call now. 

A Day Of Nuturing and Reconnecting With “YOU”

You are invited to a day of caring for yourself. Reconnect with the Inner YOU that motivates, animates and directs you. Donald Epstein (Founder of Network Spinal Analysis) once said to me, “There are three truths;   Breath,  Movement and Touch.”  We will be experiencing that and more.

You will receive three Adjustments from Dr. Powers with Tai Chi (offered by Craig Rowland), Energy Movement (offered by Toby Tenderich),  Meditation (offered by Tania Stewart) and Nourishing Foods (Offered by Merilee Warde)  between each Adjustment.

Listen. This combination of  Practitioners of Life will give anyone the jump start for JOY. Any time you can get and give to your body  attention, as well as treat it as important, there will be a shift in not only you, there will be a shift in all that you come in contact with. Your circle of influence.

When:    October 22, 2011

 Starts:  10 AM     Ends:  When we feel  done (2 to 3 PM) 

Where:  Heart of Gold Chiropractic, 101 Orange Street, Auburn, CA 95603

Cost:   $150 

RSVP:  Limited number of participants. Call 530-888-8865 or
e-mail ahsumdoc@yahoo.com