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The Natural State

In the beginning, you were created in the “natural state”. All cells were brand new and responding to the environment without prejudging. You were just experiencing it as it was. No outside influence, yet. So, initially, your cells were not the problem. However, over time, as your thoughts/reactions to the environment were interpreted and your cells received messages from your brainal-cord, your cells began to hold the memories of what was transmitted to them both through your nervous system and your field response. These nerves and responding cells held onto the facilitated tension state (reaction to threats from the environment) as designed for survival. A memory pattern was created, to be on alert, in case the threat happens again. (eg., burn your finger on the stove you will remember this for future safety).

Therefore, your cells, muscles, joints and ligaments did not initiate the tension state, but reacted to the brainal-cord as dictated.

The tension state, over time, increases as a snow ball rolling down a snowy slope and creates a state of less than peace and leads to joint, ligament, muscle wear and tear and ultimately a disconnect from the source of your ability to live. That means a disconnect from your LIFE…

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Our Intention

Dr. Dale H. Powers & his wife Merilee A. Warde
Welcome You To treat Yourself  to a better life of total health and wellness. 

Our intention is to listen, understand and identify the cause of  Your health challenge(s) and then create an action plan to attain Your health goals and maintain them. You get the best of

  • Low force/non force adjustments

  • Traditional chiropractic

  • Hands on visceral (organ) work

  • Cranial adjusting (SOT)

  • Sports/Extremity adjustments

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Weight Loss/Cleansing Programs